Syslog cli reference

set syslog filter

set syslog filter severity <severity>

Set syslog severity filter, specified severity and greater match.

Example of how to configure syslog severity filter:

set syslog filter severity warning

Declaration: set_syslog_filter_command src/vnet/syslog/syslog.c line 579

Implementation: set_syslog_filter_command_fn

set syslog sender

set syslog sender collector <ip4-address> [port <port>] src <ip4-address> [vrf-id <vrf-id>] [max-msg-size <max-msg-size>]

Set syslog sender configuration.

Example of how to configure syslog sender:

set syslog sender collector port 514 src

Declaration: set_syslog_sender_command src/vnet/syslog/syslog.c line 520

Implementation: set_syslog_sender_command_fn

show syslog filter

show syslog filter

Show syslog severity filter.

Example of how to display syslog severity filter:

show syslog filter

severity-filter: warning

Declaration: show_syslog_filter_command src/vnet/syslog/syslog.c line 597

Implementation: show_syslog_filter_command_fn

show syslog sender

show syslog sender

Show syslog sender configuration.

Example of how to display syslog sender configuration:

show syslog sender

collector, src address, VRF ID 0, max-msg-size 480

Declaration: show_syslog_sender_command src/vnet/syslog/syslog.c line 541

Implementation: show_syslog_sender_command_fn

test syslog

test syslog <facility> <severity> <app-name> <msgid> [sd-id <sd-id> sd-param <name> <value>] [<message]

This command generate test syslog message.

Example of how to generate following syslog message <180>1 2018-11-07T11:36:41.231759Z test 10484 testMsg [exampleSDID@32473 eventID="1011" eventSource="App" iut="3"] this is message

test syslog local6 warning test testMsg sd-id <!-- --> exampleSDID@32473 sd-param eventID 1011 sd-param eventSource App <!-- --> sd-param iut 3 this is message

Declaration: test_syslog_command src/vnet/syslog/syslog.c line 562

Implementation: test_syslog_command_fn