Accessing your VM

ssh into the newly created box:

$ vagrant ssh <id>

Sample output looks like:

$ vagrant ssh c1c
Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-21-generic x86_64)

 * Documentation:
Last login: Mon Jun 25 08:05:38 2018 from


Type exit in the command-line if you want to exit the VM.

Become the root with:

$ sudo bash

Now install VPP in the VM. Keep in mind that VPP is already built (but not yet installed) at this point based on the commands from the provisioned script

When you ssh into your Vagrant box you will be placed in the directory /home/vagrant. Change directories to /vpp/build-root, and run these commands to install VPP based on your OS and architecture:

For Ubuntu systems:

# dpkg -i *.deb

For CentOS systems:

# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Since VPP is now installed, you can start running VPP with:

# service vpp start