2.38. test_interface_crud module

CRUD tests of APIs (Create, Read, Update, Delete) HLD:

  • interface up/down/add/delete - interface type:
    • pg (TBD)
    • loopback
    • vhostuser (TBD)
    • af_packet (TBD)
    • netmap (TBD)
    • tuntap (root privileges needed)
    • vxlan (TBD)
class test_interface_crud.TestLoopbackInterfaceCRUD(methodName='runTest')

Bases: framework.VppTestCase

CRUD Loopback

static create_icmp_stream(src_if, dst_ifs)
  • src_if (VppInterface) – Packets are send to this interface, using this interfaces remote host.
  • dst_ifs (list) – IPv4 ICMP requests are send to interfaces addresses.

List of generated packets.

classmethod setUpClass()

Perform class setup before running the testcase Remove shared memory files, start vpp and connect the vpp-api

verify_icmp(capture, request_src_if, dst_ifs)
  • capture – Capture to verify.
  • request_src_if (VppInterface) – Interface where was send packets.
  • dst_ifs (list) – Interfaces where was generated IPv4 ICMP requests.