FD.io VPP  v17.04-9-g99c0734
Vector Packet Processing
Unix Interface


Declaration and implementation

Declaration: plugins (src/vlib/unix/plugin.c line 549)

Implementation: plugins_config.



Attach CLI to stdin/out and provide a debugging command line interface. Implies nodaemon.
Do not fork or background the VPP process. Typically used when invoking VPP applications from a process monitor.
exec <filename>
startup-config <filename>
Read startup operational configuration from filename. The contents of the file will be performed as though entered at the CLI. The two keywords are aliases for the same function; if both are specified, only the last will have an effect.
log <filename>
Logs the startup configuration and all subsequent CLI commands in filename. Very useful in situations where folks don't remember or can't be bothered to include CLI commands in bug reports.
Ask the Linux kernel to dump all memory-mapped address regions, instead of just text+data+bss.
cli-listen <address:port>
Bind the CLI to listen at the address and port given. on TCP port 5002, given as cli-listen localhost:5002, is typical.
Disable character-by-character I/O on stdin. Useful when combined with, for example, emacs M-x gud-gdb.
cli-prompt <string>
Configure the CLI prompt to be string.
cli-history-limit <nn>
Limit commmand history to nn lines. A value of 0 disables command history. Default value: 50
Disable the login banner on stdin and Telnet connections.
Disable the output pager.
cli-pager-buffer-limit <nn>
Limit pager buffer to nn lines of output. A value of 0 disables the pager. Default value: 100000

Declaration and implementation

Declaration: unix (src/vlib/unix/main.c line 485)

Implementation: unix_config.