test_span module

class test_span.TestSpan(methodName='runTest')

Bases: framework.VppTestCase

SPAN Test Case


Method to create required number of MAC and IPv4 addresses. Create required number of host MAC addresses and distribute them among interfaces. Create host IPv4 address for every host MAC address too.

Parameters:count – Number of hosts to create MAC and IPv4 addresses for.
create_stream(src_if, packet_sizes)
hosts_nr = 10
pkts_per_burst = 257
classmethod setUpClass()

SPAN test

Test scenario:
  1. config 3 interfaces, pg0 l2xconnected with pg1
  2. sending l2 eth packets between 2 interfaces (pg0, pg1) and mirrored to pg2 64B, 512B, 1518B, 9018B (ether_size) burst of packets per interface
verify_capture(dst_if, capture_pg1, capture_pg2)