FD.io NSH SFC project  v16.09
NSH-based Service Function Chaining
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cvl_api_nsh_add_del_entry_reply_tReply from adding NSH entry (nsh_add_del_entry)
 Cvl_api_nsh_add_del_map_reply_tReply from adding NSH map (nsh_add_del_map)
 Cvl_api_nsh_add_del_map_tSet or delete a mapping from one NSH header to another and its egress (decap to inner packet, encap NSH with outer header)
 Cvl_api_nsh_control_ping_reply_tControl ping from the client to the server response
 Cvl_api_nsh_control_ping_tControl ping from client to api server request