Hybrid ICN (hICN)  v20.01-105-g43d0ecb
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hicn_type_t Union Reference

hICN packet format type More...

#include <base.h>

Public Attributes

struct {
   u8   l1
   u8   l2
   u8   l3
   u8   l4
u32 as_u32

Detailed Description

hICN packet format type

The hICN type represents the sequence of protocols that we can find in packet headers. They are represented as a quartet of u8 values, correponding to IANA protocol assignment, and read from right to left. This is done to faciliate decapsulation of packet header by simple shift/mask operations.

For instance, an IPv6/TCP packet will be identified as : [IPPROTO_NONE, IPPROTO_NONE, IPPROTO_TCP, IPPROTO_IPV6]

We expect four elements to be sufficient for most uses, the max being currently used by an hypothetical signed MAP-Me update : [IPPROTO_ICMPRD, IPPROTO_AH, IPPROTO_ICMP, IPPROTO_IPV6]

Member Data Documentation

◆ @1

struct { ... }

protocol layers representation

◆ as_u32

u32 hicn_type_t::as_u32

u32 representation

◆ l1

u8 hicn_type_t::l1

First layer

◆ l2

u8 hicn_type_t::l2

Second layer

◆ l3

u8 hicn_type_t::l3

Third layer

◆ l4

u8 hicn_type_t::l4

Fourth layer

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