3. Robot Library

3.15. robot_enhancements suite

3.15.1. Ensure Global Variable

Give default value (from environment or code) to variable.

Ideally we would just use Variables table to set global variables. Unfortunately, __init__ files are special (among other things) by the fact that variables set in the table are not available for (sub)directory suites. Therefore we are using BuiltIn.Set_Global_Variable explicitly. While we are running code here, we allow environment variables to override the default values. If environment variable name is not specified (or empty), the upper case of the variable name is used, prefixed by “CSIT_”. The –variable parameter to pybot takes precedence to environment.

Arguments: - variable_name - Name of global variable to set. Type: string - default_value - Value to set if not set otherwise. Type: string - env_var_name - Name of environment variable to read. Type: string - application - Prefix for default environment variable. Type: string

Example: | Ensure Global Variable | perf_trial_duration | 10.0 | TRIAL_DUR

${env_var_length} =  Get Length  ${env_var_name}
${default_env_var} =  Convert To Uppercase  ${variable_name}
${env_var} =  Set Variable If  ${env_var_length}  ${env_var_name}  ${application}_${default_env_var}
${updated_default} =  Get Environment Variable  ${env_var}  ${default_value}
${final_value} =  Get Variable Value  \${${variable_name}}  ${updated_default}
Set Global Variable  \${${variable_name}}  ${final_value}