Release Notes

Changes in CSIT-1904

    • Service density 2n-skx tests: Added higher NF density tests with two NFs’ data-plane threads sharing a physical core. VPP IPv4 routing is now used as a VNF payload similar to CNF tests.
    • Soak Tests: Optimized performamce soak tests framework code for extended time duration tests and throughput discovery at given PLR and at give total test time e.g. minutes, hours, days, weeks. See updated Test Methodology section for more details.
    • Qemu code refactor: Complete code refactor of the key components of and (L1 and L2 KW counterparts). Added implementation of kernel-image-kvm based VM replacing the previously used NestedVM images. Added ability to run VPP as a payload in VNF.
    • CSIT PAPI Support: Continued conversion of CSIT VAT L1 keywords to PAPI L1 KWs in CSIT using VPP Python bindings. Redesign of key components of PAPI Executor and PAPI history.
    • General Code Housekeeping: Ongoing RF keywords optimizations, removal of redundant RF keywords.
    • Test suite generator: Added capability to generate suites for different NIC models as well as throughput search algorithm types. Uses base tests suites as source.
    • TOX verification: Added verifications for test suite generator.
    • Graphs Layout Improvements: Improved performance graphs layout for better readibility and maintenance: test grouping, axis labels, descriptions, other informative decoration.

Known Issues

List of known issues in CSIT-1904 for VPP performance tests:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-570 Sporadic (1 in 200) NDR discovery test failures on x520. DPDK reporting rx-errors, indicating L1 issue. Suspected issue with HW combination of X710-X520 in LF testbeds. Not observed outside of LF testbeds.
2 CSIT-1503 [TRex-519] XL710/XXV710 with FW 6.0.1 will have Rx drop rate of 27MPPS.
3 CSIT-1501 Sporadic crypto backend fails loading VPP-1670
4 CSIT-1427 Sporadic HW aes-128-cbc-sha1 tunnel-interface tests are failing. VPP-1671
5 CSIT-1498 Memif tests are sporadically failing on initialization of memif connection.
6 CSIT-1499 AVF tests are sporadically failing on initialization of AVF interface.
7 VPP-1676 9000B ip4 memif errors - ip4-input: ip4 length > l2 length. IP4 jumbo frames (9000B) are dropped in case of tests with memif.
8 VPP-1677 9000B ip4 nat44: VPP crash + coredump. VPP crashes very often in case that NAT44 is configured and it has to process IP4 jumbo frames (9000B).