6.2. CSIT Release Notes

6.2.1. Changes in CSIT rls1801

  1. Improved test coverage for the following features:
    • BGP

6.2.2. Known Issues

Here is the list of known issues in CSIT rls1801 for Honeycomb functional tests in VIRL:

# Issue Jira ID Description
1 IPv6 BGP route configuration HONEYCOMB-403 Configuring Ipv6 route results in missing writer for IPv6Route and IPv6NextHop exception.
2 IP address subnet validation VPP-649 When configuring two IP addresses from the same subnet on an interface, VPP refuses the configuration but returns code 200:OK. This can cause desync between Honeycomb’s config and operational data.
3 VxLAN GPE configuration crashes VPP VPP-875 Specific VxLAN GPE configurations cause VPP to crash and restart.
4 Operational data for IPv6 special routes HC2VPP-254 Special hop routes are misidentified as regular routes in operational data.
5 LISP PITR feature configuration HC2VPP-263 Locator set reference in operational data is incorrect.