2.3. Packet Throughput GraphsΒΆ

Plotted results are generated by multiple executions of the same CSIT performance tests across three physical testbeds within LF FD.io labs. To provide a descriptive summary view, Box-and-Whisker plots are used to display variation in measured throughput values, without making any assumptions of the underlying statistical distribution.

For each plotted test case, Box-and-Whisker plots show the quartiles (Min, 1st quartile / 25th percentile, 2nd quartile / 50th percentile / mean, 3rd quartile / 75th percentile, Max) across collected data set (data set size stated in the note below). Outliers are plotted as individual points. Min and max values are plotted as bottom and top Whiskers respectively. 2nd and 3rd quartiles are plotted as bottom and top edge of the box. If multiple samples match only two values, and all samples fall between them, then no whiskers are plotted. If all samples have the same value, only a horizontal line is plotted.

Title of each graph is a regex (regular expression) matching all throughput test cases plotted on this graph, X-axis labels are indices of individual test suites executed by csit-vpp-perf-1704-all jobs that created result output files used as data sources for the graph, Y-axis labels are measured Packets Per Second [pps] values, and the Graph legend lists the plotted test suites and their indices.


Test results have been generated by FD.io test executor jobs csit-vpp-perf-1704-all, with Robot Framework result files csit-vpp-perf-1704-all-<id>.zip archived here. Plotted data set size per test case is equal to the number of job executions presented in this report version: 10.