4.2. CSIT Release Notes

4.2.1. Changes in CSIT rls1704

  1. VPP functional test environment changes

    • Implemented VAT command history collection for every test case as part of teardown.
    • Introduction of Centos7 tests in VIRL environment.
  2. VPP functional test framework changes

    • Added VAT command history collection for every test case as part of teardown.
  3. Added VPP functional tests

    • IPv4 routed-forwarding with dot1q VLAN sub-interfaces.
    • L2BD switched-forwarding with dot1q VLAN sub-interfaces and vhost-user to VM.
    • IPv4 routed-forwarding with vhost-user interfaces to VM.
    • Vhost-user interface re-connect tests.

4.2.2. Known Issues

Here is the list of known issues in CSIT rls1704 for VPP functional tests in VIRL:

# Issue Jira ID Description
1 DHCPv4 client: Client responses to DHCPv4 OFFER sent with different XID. CSIT-129 Client replies with DHCPv4 REQUEST message when received DHCPv4 OFFER message with different (wrong) XID.
2 Softwire - MAP-E: Incorrect calculation of IPv6 destination address when IPv4 prefix is 0. CSIT-398 IPv6 destination address is wrongly calculated in case that IPv4 prefix is equal to 0 and IPv6 prefix is less than 40.
3 Softwire - MAP-E: Map domain is created when incorrect parameters provided. CSIT-399 Map domain is created in case that the sum of suffix length of IPv4 prefix and PSID length is greater than EA bits length. IPv6 destination address contains bits writen with PSID over the EA-bit length when IPv4 packet is sent.
4 IPv6 RA: Incorrect IPv6 destination address in response to ICMPv6 Router Solicitation. CSIT-409 Wrong IPv6 destination address (ff02::1) is used in ICMPv6 Router Advertisement packet sent as a response to received ICMPv6 Router Solicitation packet.
5 IPFIX: IPv6_src key name reported instead of IPv6_dst. CSIT-402 The report contains IPv6_src key name instead of IPv6_dst when classify session is configured with IPv6 destination address. Anyhow the correct IPv6 destination address is reported.
6 IPv4 + VLAN: Processing of tagged frame does not work with virtio driver. CSIT-564 Dot1q tagged packets are thrown away in case of IPv4 routing on interface binded to virtio driver. Issue with VIRL test simulation environment.
7 Vhost-user: QEMU reconnect does not work. CSIT-565 Using QEMU 2.5.0 that does not support vhost-user reconnect. It requires moving CSIT VIRL environment to QEMU 2.7.0.
8 Centos7: LISP and VXLAN sporadic test failures. CSIT-566 Observing sporadic crashes of DUT1 VM during LISP and VXLAN test executions, what leads to failure of all other tests in the suite. NOTE: After upgrading one of the VIRL servers host from Ubuntu14.04 to 16.04, DUT1 VM stops crashing, but tests keep failing sporadically 1-in-100. Possible root cause identified - unexpected IPv6 RA packets upsetting some test component. Currently suspecting environment or CSIT issue, but can not exclude VPP, further troubleshooting in progress.