5.2. CSIT Release Notes

5.2.1. Changes in CSIT rls1704

  1. Added Honeycomb functional tests

    • ACL plugin
    • Routing
    • SLAAC
    • Proxy ARP
    • DHCP Relay
    • Neighbor Discovery Proxy
  2. Changed execution environment from Ubuntu14.04 to Ubuntu16.04

5.2.2. Known Issues

Here is the list of known issues in CSIT rls1704 for Honeycomb functional tests in VIRL:

# Issue Jira ID Description
1 IP address subnet validation VPP-649 When configuring two IP addresses from the same subnet on an interface, VPP refuses the configuration but returns OK. This can cause desync between Honeycomb’s config and operational data.
2 Persistence of VxLAN tunnel naming context HC2VPP-47 When VPP restarts with Honeycomb running and a VxLan interface configured, the interface is sometimes renamed to “vxlan_tunnel0”. It is otherwise configured correctly.
3 Classifier plugin for IPv6 cases VPP-687 Classifier ignores IPv6 packets with less than 8 bytes after last header. Fixed in VPP 17.07.
4 Batch disable Lisp features HC2VPP-131 When removing complex Lisp configurations in a single request, the operation fails due to a write ordering issue.