5.2. CSIT Release Notes

5.2.1. Changes in CSIT rls1701

  1. Naming change for all Honeycomb functional test suites in VIRL

    • Honeycomb functional test case names stayed unchanged
  2. Added Honeycomb functional tests

    • NSH_SFC
    • LISP
    • NAT
    • SPAN

5.2.2. Known Issues

Here is the list of known issues in CSIT rls1701 for Honeycomb functional tests in VIRL:

# Issue Description
1 Operational data for Vhost-user interfaces “server” flag Honeycomb Operational data reports Vhost-user interfaces as client, even if they are server.
2 Persistence of VxLAN tunnels Configuration persistence often fails to restore Honeycomb’s internal naming context for VxLAN interfaces. The interface is renamed to “vxlan_tunnel0” but is otherwise configured correctly.