DPDK package

default module

Start L2FWD ‘${m}’ worker threads and rxqueues ‘${n}’ with jumbo frames ‘${b}’

Start the l2fwd with M worker threads without HTT and rxqueues N and B(yes or no) jumbo frames in all DUTs

${nb-cores}=  Catenate  ${m}
${cpu}=  Run Keyword If  '${m}' == '1'  Catenate  0x3  ELSE IF  '${m}' == '2'  Catenate  0x403  ELSE IF  '${m}' == '4'  Catenate  0xc07  ELSE IF  '${m}' == '6'  Catenate  0x1c0f  ELSE IF  '${m}' == '8'  Catenate  0x3c1f  ELSE  Fail  Not supported combination
${rxqueues}=  Catenate  ${n}
${jumbo_frames}=  Catenate  ${b}
Start l2fwd to all DUTs  ${cpu}  ${nb-cores}  ${rxqueues}  ${jumbo_frames}

Start l2fwd to all DUTs

Setup worker threads and rxqueues in l2fwd startup configuration to all DUTs

Arguments: - ${cpu} - CPU configuration. Type: string - ${nb-cores} - cores for the packet forwarding. Type: string - ${rxqueues} - rxqueues configuration. Type: string - ${jumbo_frames} - Enable the jumbo frames or not. Type: string


| Start l2fwd to all DUTs | 0x403 | 2 | 1 | no

${duts}=  Get Matches  ${nodes}  DUT*
: FOR  ${dut}  IN  @{duts}
\    Start the l2fwd test  ${nodes['${dut}']}  ${cpu}  ${nb-cores}  ${rxqueues}  ${jumbo_frames}