Packet LatencyΒΆ

Latency results are generated from a single execution of NDR discovery test across physical testbeds hosted LF labs: 3n-hsw, 2n-skx, 3n- skx, 2n-clx. Box plots are used to show the Minimum, Median and Maximum packet latency per test.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes tested packet path, testbed topology, processor model, NIC model, packet size, number of cores and threads used by data plane workers and indication of DUT configuration.

  2. X-axis Labels: indices of individual test suites as listed in Graph Legend and direction of latency flow:

    • West-to-East: TGint1-to-SUT1-to-SUT2-to-TGint2.

    • East-to-West: TGint2-to-SUT2-to-SUT1-to-TGint1.

  3. Y-axis Labels: measured packet latency values in [uSec].

  4. Graph Legend: lists X-axis indices with associated CSIT test suites executed to generate graphed test results.

  5. Hover Information: lists number of runs executed, specific test substring, packet flow direction, maximal, mean and minimal values of measured latencies.