VPP Performance Changes 2n-skx 4t2c mrr

  • Test Case: Test cases executed for: MRR throughput on 2n-skx with xxv710.

  • YYMM.V-E: [Mpps +- StDev] results for VPP (YY year, MM month, V minor version) tested in CSIT (E environment version, “2” for CSIT rls2001, “4” for CSIT rls2005).

  • YYMM.V-E vs YYMM.V-E: [% +- StDev] Relative difference, latter is the base. [N] for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reference, see RCA list below.

  • 2009.0-5 vs 2005.0-4: Compares VPP code current vs previous in the current CSIT environment