Packet LatencyΒΆ

Latency results are generated from a single execution of NDR discovery test across physical testbeds hosted LF labs: 3n-hsw, 2n-skx, 3n- skx, 2n-skx. Box plots are used to show the Minimum, Median and Maximum packet latency per test.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes tested packet path, testbed topology, processor model, NIC model, packet size, number of cores and threads used by data plane workers and indication of DUT configuration.

  2. X-axis Labels: indices of individual test suites as listed in Graph Legend and direction of latency flow:

    • West-to-East: TGint1-to-SUT1-to-SUT2-to-TGint2.

    • East-to-West: TGint2-to-SUT2-to-SUT1-to-TGint1.

  3. Y-axis Labels: measured packet latency values in [uSec].

  4. Graph Legend: lists X-axis indices with associated CSIT test suites executed to generate graphed test results.

  5. Hover Information: lists number of runs executed, specific test substring, packet flow direction, maximal, mean and minimal values of measured latencies.


Test results have been generated by test executor dpdk performance job 2n-skx, test executor dpdk performance job 3n-skx, test executor dpdk performance job 2n-clx, and test executor dpdk performance job 3n-hsw with RF result files csit-dpdk-perf-2001-*.zip archived here. Required per test case data set size is 10 and for DPDK tests this is the actual size, as all scheduled test executions completed successfully.